I agree with what you’re saying and I’d like to add that there also needs to be a shift in our perceptions of those who apologize. As humans, we’re faliable… even leaders. But our response to apologies is punitive. No one wants to admit being wrong for fear of being burned at the stake. If we could encourage honesty and reflection of the self, apologies would follow, making way towards healing. Not only that but I believe an acceptance of apologies and efforts to change would inspire accountable yet human leaders. Many of our leaders may have fallen, but perhaps we were the ones who put them on too high a pedestal. Adding some humanity when things go wrong could inspire more accountability, which is another good step in the right direction. Clearly you’ve got me thinking. Thank you for your ideas. They have my brain percolating. ☕️

You don’t need to know where you came from to know where you’re going. You just need to know what you seek. Find where you belong and then let go.

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