I think this is key. Doing what works for you! I know for me, being someone who's highly anxious (clinically speaking) I must protect my energy more than the average person might. Things like excessive criticism become internalized mantras of self-depreciating dribble. So, knowing my self (and likewise for anyone) seems like the best course of action. With everyone's advice so public these days, it makes good sense for us to use our personal awareness to recognize what works for us, and what is worth passing by. The best advice I ever received was at my babyshower for child no. 1. My friend said, "You'll get a lot of people wanting to give you advice. Don't try to soak it all in. Pick and choose what resonates and what fits you." To this day I still use this single piece of advice to determine the relevance of any other piece of advice for my own life.

You don’t need to know where you came from to know where you’re going. You just need to know what you seek. Find where you belong and then let go.

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