It Might Not Be Writer’s Block.

It could just be raw egg.

Photo by Flora Westbrook from Pexels

Through the process of writing and wrestling with percolating thoughts, we tend to make more of a mess than if we just sit by patiently waiting.

There’s value to the idea of seeing creativity as a practice. A habit that can be formed so that our thoughts can have time to fully bake. But that mindset, as with any mindset, has it’s limitations.

No, I’m not suggesting that we ought to twiddle our thumbs until the muse arrives. But there are also times when it’s best to switch spatulas, adjust the temperature, or simply sit back and allow the baking to commence.

While I write five time a week, I publish less frequently. Increasing my frequency would probably expedite my exposure to an audience, but speed is not my ultimate goal.

At the end of the day, writing is about communicating and connecting and that has little to do with rigidity. If an idea needs time to bake, I need to let it bake. After all, I wouldn’t want to serve anyone raw eggs and make them sick.

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